What Roof Maintenance is Necessary?

Roof maintenance typically consists in different operation performed to keep the roof functional and in good shape, for as long as possible. Regular maintenance can increase the life span of a roof, while lack of maintenance reduces it, and also impacts owners’ right to make an insurance claim and receive compensation, if the roof gets damaged.

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Roof maintenance is the responsibility of building owners and it is in their best interest to consider it a priority, because  identifying minor problems and soft spots before they aggravate is much more convenient than dealing with extensive damage. Besides, if you ignore your roof for a long time , you will likely have to pay for more expensive repairs and even for an early replacement, if the damage becomes too extensive and out-of-repair. Scheduling annual inspections with Superior Roofing Manhattan KS contractors, will ensure that your roof stays in good shape year round.

Maintenance is not the same for all roofing materials, because each of them has different requirements. For example, wood shingles and shakes must be maintained significantly more often than metal shingles because of their natural vulnerabilities.

However, in all of the cases, maintenance typically includes the following operations: inspecting the roof, cleaning the roof and the drainage system, treating it with solutions that improve their resistance in different conditions and fixing minor problems identified during the inspection.


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