Understanding the Storm Damage Claim Process and What It Entails

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Storm damage can get pretty complicated fairly fast. If you fail to gather the necessary evidence about the damage that a storm might have caused your home, your insurance company might refuse to pay you almost anything for it, leading you to try to appeal to your lawyer and get maybe a slightly higher compensation even under the best of circumstances.

There are, however, many ways in which you can avoid this outcome by preparing yourself for confronting your insurer:

• Start by taking pictures or even videos of your home, as it is or recently was damaged by the storm. The sooner you prepare the footage, the harder it will be for anyone to say that the damage that was caused is not storm damage. For roofing damage, contact Superior Roofing to schedule an inspection, damage assessment, and replacement cost estimates.
• Talk to a skilled public adjuster and have them provide you with information on what papers to prepare and what evidence to bring along as you go to meet with your insurance company.
• Study your insurance policy. Does it even cover storm damage? What specific terms does it have showing whether or not there are any loopholes the insurance company can take? Discuss these details with your public adjuster beforehand, and leave no fact unaccounted for on your path to getting through your storm damage claim process.

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