Understanding Roof Ridge-venting

A roof ridge vent works like a ventilator, but without requiring electricity for its operation. The vents are installed in the topmost part of the roof, right under the peak of sloping roofs and they are used for ensuring that the air in the attic is never too cold or too hot and that it is always dry.

While condensation is dangerous in any attic because the water droplets can settle on wooden components that are sensitive to the exposure to water and respond developing rot, mold and mildew, high temperatures in the attic are especially dangerous when the roof is covered in snow because the warm attic also warms the roof, melting the snow on top and causing ice dams to appear. Call roof repair Manhattan KS service pros if you think you are developing condensation and ice dams.

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Ridge vents are low-profile objects that are installed from end to end on the topmost roof section. Their principle role is to eliminate the moist, warm air rising from inside the building when the temperatures drop, thus preventing the accumulation of moisture and heat in the attic space as well as the appearance of condensation.

On many buildings, ridge vents are also paired with air intake vents installed underneath the roof to make air movement even more efficient.

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