Tips for Picking Out Your New Roof

Junction City roofing

When you choose your new Junction City roofing options, there are many aspects that you need take into consideration – here are some of the most important factors:

  • Durability – durable Junction City roofing materials have different lifespans. Clay tiles can serve your home well for 70-100 years, metal roofs live for around 30-50 years, while shingle roofs can provide protection for 20-40 years;
  • Resistance to extreme weather – if your area is frequently affected by storms, hurricanes and hails, if it is very hot in summer or it is affected by extreme snowing in winter, you need a roof that is able to withstand all those extreme conditions;
  • Roof structure – if you have a sloping roof, your choice of material includes shingles, metal, wood, slate and clay or cement tiles, while the materials used for flat roofs include membranes made from special rubber, built-up constructions that use alternate layers of tar and ballast and metal;
  • Aesthetic appeal – you need to pick a material the color and the texture of which complements not only the overall design of your building, but blends into the neighborhood as well;
  • Weight – you need to make sure that your building can hold up the weight of the new roof. Clay tiles and slate, for example, are heavy materials that are not suitable for some lightweight constructions.


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