The Top Culprits of Roof Leaks

Roof leaks, whether small or large, are usually caused by a hole or holes in the roof, through which water penetrates the attic and from there, if the quantity of water on the attic floor exceeds a certain amount, it can soak through the ceilings inside the home and cause water damage.

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The hole through which the water gets into the attic can be caused by various issues – here are some:

  • Damaged flashing – the flashing is among the most sensitive areas on any roof and if its integrity becomes compromised, the fault will compromise the integrity of the entire roof;
  • Damaged attic vents – the vents installed on the roof with the purpose of ensuring proper ventilation in the attic area can also get damaged easily, causing the accumulation of moisture in the attic;
  • Damaged sealing in the roof valleys – roof valleys are where two roof sections meet. The areas are covered in stripes of sealing material that strengthen the areas. If the sealing stripes are damaged, water can easily seep through, causing quickly growing leaks;
  • Clogged gutters – if your gutter pipes or your downspouts get clogged, they no longer divert rain water or melted snow away from the walls and from the roof and the exposure to excessive amounts of water can quickly lead to the appearance of leaks.

If your roof is suffering from a damaging roof leak, you will want to call metal roofing Manhattan KS repair specialists asap.

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