What Are the Most Durable and Resilient Roofing Materials You Can Consider?

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If you’ve read a bit about roofing in the past, you probably already know that there are a lot of different types of durable Wamego roofing materials you can consider for your new roof. While some might be somewhat expensive, you’ll find that the prices of all roofing materials tend to vary, and that even some of the less pricey ones will help you get your desired outcome:

  • Slate is the absolute most durable and dependable roofing material you can install. It’s been around for a very long time, and properly installed natural slate roofing is known to last for more than 100-150 years without needing to be replaced.
  • Synthetic slate is a cheaper but in most cases no less effective alternative to natural slate. More widely available, it is still quite expensive, but can offer you more options for your roof’s design as well.
  • Concrete and terracotta are two more durable roofing materials that get close to the level of slate. Fireproof and difficult to damage, they are also quite stylish.
  • Finally, metal roofing is probably one of the most low-maintenance and efficient types of roofing materials you can buy. It can take just about anything that nature can throw at it, and the most resilient types of metals will easily last about half a century.

How to Find Out About the Most Important Things to Know About Roof Repairs

Roof repairs have a lot of secrets that most homeowners don’t know about. If you want to find out more about them, you’ll have to get in touch with a dependable and experienced Wamego roofing contractor, who will be able to answer most of your questions.

The most important thing, at first, is to ask questions relating to your own roof before anything else. So it makes sense to find a contractor who specializes in that type of roofing. If you have a slate roof, make sure the roofers you talk to have extensive experiencing with installing and fixing slate roofs.

The questions you ask are also important, since you don’t want to waste your own time or the time of your roofer. So, do some research about the typical problems that can lead to roofing issues needing repairs. These can include anything from leaks, shingles damaged in storms and broken flashing, to ice dams, bad ventilation and faulty gutter systems.

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By learning more about the core of the issue, you can find out all you need to know about the actual repairs needed to get your roof properly fixed. Then you can easily figure out the best course of action for getting the right repairs done – either through DIY work or by hiring a local Wamego roofer.

How Insulation Can Help Keep Your Home Healthy

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Energy is in constant move in your home – warmed air rises, moisture descents, evaporation and heat exchange take place all the time. One of the best ways to contain that energy and to ensure that the air in your home is healthy in terms of moisture levels and free from contaminants is to install proper insulation around the building – here are the benefits of proper insulation:

  • A drier environment – appropriate insulation ensures not only that your home’s thermal balance is maintained without requiring you to run your heating or cooling equipment all the time, but also that the air in your home is not excessively laden with moisture. Excess moisture is known to be the principle cause of respiratory illnesses, such as asthma and bronchitis as well as of rheumatic fever and allergies – fortunately, per Wamego roofing pros, good insulation can solve the problem;
  • The prevention of mold and mildew – prolonged dampness results in the appearance of fungal infestations in the form of mold and mildew, both of which can cause severe health issues, even life-threatening conditions. The insulation added to the walls as well as to the attic floor is an efficient way to prevent such issues, maintaining the air in the home fresh and healthy.

What Is the Most Important Cause for the Need for Roof Rot Repairs?

Roof rot is a common problem, and it can lead to a lot of issues with your home, if left unchecked. Aside from the bad smell and overall nasty atmosphere it causes – especially when guests come to visit – roof rot can also lead to structural damage, especially pertaining to wires that run through your roof and walls, which will later be very difficult to fix or replace.

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The best thing to do if you observe roof rot in your home for the first time is to check your roof and attic. Have there been any intense storms recently? Can you spot any leaks? A thorough investigation might lead you to observe that a recent leak has been gradually feeding your roof with rainwater and causing the roof rot to intensify.


Another possible cause has to do with improper ventilation and insulation in your attic. If you recently insulated your attic, make sure that the ventilation is still good. Call in an Wamego roofing expert, if you aren’t certain. Improper ventilation can lead to condensation and roof rot in no time, especially if you’re using a heating system that can heat up your home in a shorter period of time than most HVAC systems.

Tips for Your Simple DIY Roof Repairs

The most important thing you should do to make your roof last as long as possible has to do with regular repairs and maintenance. In most cases, these operations are simple and can be performed by homeowners. Here are a few tips:

Inspect the roof frequently. You do not have to climb on it. An overall visual inspection, from the ground, is enough to observe obvious problems such as loose or missing roofing materials. For minor repairs, you need specific tools and replacing materials. For cleaning, you’ll need brush for the gutters, a garden hose connected to water and a detergent that cleans the roof efficiently without corroding materials or affecting the vegetation around the house. If you find significant damages, you will want to find superior Wamego roofing contractors to complete necessary repairs.

safety tips from Wamego roofing contractors

Before you climb the roof to perform the repair or cleaning operations, here is the most important tip: take the necessary precautions!

Falling from the height is one of the biggest causes of accidents among people who work on roofs. Professional roofers have sets of work safety rules that they are bound to respect; but if you are a homeowner performing some DIY roofing repairs, you have to protect yourself and purchase the necessary equipment before getting on the roof.

Avoid working on the roof if there are other options; when this cannot be avoided, make sure to use a stable ladder, a harness and some anti-slip shoes.

The Most Practical and Effective Ways to Keep Your Roof from Overheating

Wamego roofing can keep your home from overheating!

Keeping your roof from overheating is not that complicated a deal. If you live in an area where the summers are very warm, however, it will definitely become a necessity. So check out the following tips on what you can do to keep your roof from overheating and make sure your home stays cool all year round:

  • Installing a cool roof or a green roof in place of your old roof will usually do the trick. Cool Wamego roofing is designed to reflect sunlight and UV radiation instead of allowing it to pass through to heat your home. A green roof will throw added shade on your home while using the rays of the sun to produce life-giving oxygen through photosynthesis.
  • Maybe you can’t afford to replace your roof just now. Another method to keep your roof from overheating in that case is to use reflective paint. Painting your roof with that type of paint will allow it to behave somewhat like a cool roof, reflecting much of the radiation away and helping you avoid having to overuse your AC.
  • Finally, if you own a flat roof or a solar panel roof, you can use roof coating to maximize your roof’s efficiency in keeping heat away. Most types of coating will also protect your roof from the elements more effectively and increase its lifespan in the process.

Tips for Budgeting for a New Roof

Installing a new roof is one of the most expensive projects a building owner has to deal with and treat with maximum responsibility, because the safety of the building as well as the comfort of people living or working in the building depend on the roof, on its condition and efficiency.
Installing a new roof must be planned ahead to avoid being taken by surprise, and completed by trained Wamego roofing contractors.

Wamego roofingCheck your roof’s age and warranty. Before reaching its lifespan, you should start saving, because it is easier this way than paying a large amount on money at once.
However, if you neglected the roof or savings are not an option, you must find other sources for the money you need.
There are two main categories of new roof costs that must be considered when make your calculations: material costs ( shingles, accessories, underlayment etc.) and labor costs (which vary according the contractor you employ, as well as the materials you choose).
If you want to budget smartly your new roof, choose materials offering the best quality-durability ratio and make sure they are guarantees by manufacturers. Take your time to explore and evaluate different Wamego roofing payment options. You can consider a bank loan, credit cards or home equity lines if you cannot pay cash or if your savings are not enough.

Metal Roof Maintenance for Winter

The roof is exposed to many aggressive external factors such as UV rays, rain, snow, winds, but also pollutants in the air, such as chlorine and nitrogen compounds, sulfur, which turn into acid rain and together with dust and mineral salts, cause degradation of the roof coat.

Metal shingles are not a easily damaged material, but they are still subject to weather, wear and tear..

Removing snow from the roof is a common operation during the cold season.  Normally, the snow will not accumulate on a metal roof, nor exceed its load resistance. However, if there is some extreme snow fall and you must have Wamego roofing maintenance crew clean your metal roof after all, we recommend that you do this operation with great, to protect the material. Scratches on the surface of the shingles, especially if they are deep enough to reach the Zn layer, can be a problem.

Wamego roofing winter maintenance

Cleaning the drainage system is another maintenance operation that must be carried out in winter to prevent blockages due to ice and snow accumulation in the gutters and downspouts.

If the winter is mild, dry and sunny, you can take advantage of it and add a new layer of paint to your metal roof, to protect them and enhance the roof`s aspect.