How to Effectively Save Money on Your Roof Replacements

Replacing your roof can cost a lot of money in most cases. Depending on the contractor you use and the type of roof you want to own, you might look at anything between about $5,000 for a smaller home and more than $40,000 for a luxury roof designed for a larger house.

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Fortunately, you can save a lot of money by following a few simple tips, as you research your home and discuss your options with Superior Roofing Manhattan KS professionals:

  1. Start by looking for alternatives to the types of roofing that most people use in your neighborhood – especially if you live in a rich neighborhood or city. Instead of slate, terracotta, wood or concrete, you can choose a more inexpensive solution like composite asphalt shingle roofing, which can still last a few decades, or a highly durable steel roof.
  2. Get your installation outside the normal season. When roofers don’t have that much work on their hands, they’ll be more willing to offer you a discount.
  3. It’s better to install a cheaper roof with modern upgrades than an expensive roof featuring a classical design. You’ll find most contractors will have a lot to offer, if you choose one of their more technological roofing products, and some of them will even give you a hefty price reduction for certain upgrades.

Winter Roofing Maintenance Tips

Superior Roofing Manhattan KS maintenance tips

Winter is harsh on roofs, so it is very important to prepare yours with some pre-winter Superior Roofing Manhattan KS maintenance. Here is what you should do:

  • Inspect and clean the roof – check every inch of your roof for any damaged components, such as cracked tiles, curling and buckling shingles, then clean the entire surface of the roof to make sure there is no debris on it to accumulate water and to cause damage;
  • Clean and inspect your gutters and your downspouts – your gutters and downspouts also need to be clean and free from clogs and debris, so scrape out whatever dirt you find inside them and check them for signs of damage, such as rust, sagging or cracks;
  • Repair all the issues that you detect – this is an essential part for ensuring the proper. Leak-free and problem-free operation of the roof, the gutter pipes and the downspouts;
  • Remove overhanging branches – the large trees around your building might be great in summer, but if they are old and they have diseased or dried branches overhanging your roof, they might become a roofing hazard. Remove any branches and limbs that might crack under the weight of snow or that might get ripped off by strong winds.

The Benefits of Installing Metal Roofing

Metal roofs are among the most popular and most appreciated roofing materials today – here are some the benefits that account for that popularity:

  • Affordability – metal roofs are among the most conveniently priced roofing materials, offering an outstanding price to value ratio;
  • Durability – modern metal roofing panels are warranted for 50-75 years, but most of them can live for even longer than that. Metal roofs can also endure extreme weather conditions, being a great option for regions that get strong storms, heavy raining and snowing;
  • Quick and easy installation – metal panels can be installed on top of the existent roofing, without requiring the removal of the old roof and the process does not require any special tools or knowledge;
  • Superior reflective qualities – metal roofing panels reflect solar radiation, therefore they can improve the energy efficiency of buildings in hot climate areas;
  • Attractive appearance – Superior Roofing Manhattan KS metal roofing panels come in a large variety of colors, textures and shapes, even in designs that replicate high-end natural materials, such as clay or stone. This means that there is a matching metal roof for any building, classic or modern;
  • Sustainability – metal roofs are 100% recyclable at the end of their life cycle, so they are one of the best options for environment-conscious building owners.

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What Are the Most Practical Ways to Save Money on Roof Replacements?

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Saving money on a Superior Roofing Manhattan KS roof replacement is no easy task. While there are a lot of different roofing products and materials to choose from, you’ll find that you also need to be very careful regarding the steps you take to ensure you don’t overspend:

  • Start by looking for less expensive roof replacement options. For instance, even if you don’t want the cheapest asphalt shingle roofing, and you can’t afford an expensive slate or clay alternative, you can compromise by choosing metal or composite shingles, which can still last anything between 30 and 60-70 years, depending on their level of quality.
  • Avoid getting all the bells and whistles for your roof, if you don’t need them. For instance, a salesman might pitch a skylight or a brand new type of coating that you simply don’t need in your area. So just stand firm, avoid making an impulse buy, and stay focused on getting only the most practical Superior Roofing Manhattan KS roof replacement products.
  • Finally, it’s a good idea to compare the products you buy between what different manufacturers have to offer. Some might ensure a better guarantee, while asking for more money. Others have better review. Find out more about each of them, and see which manufacturer is the most trustworthy one according to their past buyers.

What Tools Are Needed for Home Roof Repairs?

While complex roof repairs, such as work that involves the correction of sagging structural components, require special devices and skilled Superior Roofing Manhattan KS contractors, many simple roof repairs can be done with the tools normally found in a standard toolbox.

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Here are some of the tools you will need if you want to fix a small leak or replace flashing on your own:

  • A roofing hammer – also called a roofing hatchet, a roofing hammer is a small tool that has a gauge to make shingle adjustments easier. Some roofing hammers have magnetic heads, a very useful feature for one-handed work;
  • A caulk gun – you can apply the caulk necessary for installing roof covering components using a bucket and a spatula, but a caulking gun makes it all much easier;
  • Tin snips – most roofing work involves cutting through strong material. Tin snips are great tools that can cut through almost anything neatly and effortlessly;
  • Saws – you might need a couple of good saws to cut through plywood, OSB or other wooden materials;
  • A nail gun – most roof covering components and the decking underneath them are fastened with nails. You can choose to drive in the nails using a hammer, but a power nailer is a great, small, handheld tool designed to help you out with the task.

How to Select the Right Type of Roof Paint for Your Roof

Choosing the right type of paint can help you save a lot of money down the line by avoiding expensive maintenance and repair costs. The first thing to remember, however, is that you have to avoid any type of paint that has lead as its main ingredient. Lead based paint is even banned in most areas, but the important thing is that it’s extremely unhealthy in the long run, and can lead to many potential health hazards for you and your family.

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Now that we know what not to do, let’s see some of the main types of paints you can choose for your roof and home. One of the first things to look for is titanium dioxide. This metallic compound is found in most energy efficient paints, and can enhance their ability to reflect sunlight and heat, thereby keeping your home cool in the summer. Check with experienced Superior Roofing Manhattan KS roofers for their recommendations.

Acrylic paint is also great for a number of reasons. Painting your roof with this type of paint with the use of a good sealant will ensure that the paint lasts longer, looks great, and doesn’t peel off that easily.

Now, remember that painting your roof won’t make it impervious to the elements. After completing the paint job, make sure you check on the paint on a regular basis, especially after hail and storms, so you can make sure that it lasts.

What Roof Maintenance is Necessary?

Roof maintenance typically consists in different operation performed to keep the roof functional and in good shape, for as long as possible. Regular maintenance can increase the life span of a roof, while lack of maintenance reduces it, and also impacts owners’ right to make an insurance claim and receive compensation, if the roof gets damaged.

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Roof maintenance is the responsibility of building owners and it is in their best interest to consider it a priority, because  identifying minor problems and soft spots before they aggravate is much more convenient than dealing with extensive damage. Besides, if you ignore your roof for a long time , you will likely have to pay for more expensive repairs and even for an early replacement, if the damage becomes too extensive and out-of-repair. Scheduling annual inspections with Superior Roofing Manhattan KS contractors, will ensure that your roof stays in good shape year round.

Maintenance is not the same for all roofing materials, because each of them has different requirements. For example, wood shingles and shakes must be maintained significantly more often than metal shingles because of their natural vulnerabilities.

However, in all of the cases, maintenance typically includes the following operations: inspecting the roof, cleaning the roof and the drainage system, treating it with solutions that improve their resistance in different conditions and fixing minor problems identified during the inspection.