Common Roof Repairs Needed During Fall

Fall is the time when homeowners start preparing their property for the upcoming winter. The process should include the roof and the gutters, too – here are some important roof repair Manhattan KS home maintenance steps that you should perform when summer is over, but winter is not yet here:

important roof repair Manhattan KS home maintenence

  • Clean and inspect the roof – the summer has probably left lots of debris on your roof and in your gutters, dirt that can cause serious problems if not removed. Clean the roof surface, then scrape out from the gutters whatever can clog them and check the entire roof structure for damaged components. Look for cracked, chipped or missing components, shingles that are torn, buckling or are no longer covered in the surface granules responsible for weatherproofing, then replace them all;
  • Inspect, repair or replace the flashing – the flashing is responsible for reinforcing sensitive roof areas, so check each of the stripes for cracks or improper adherence and replace the damaged components;
  • Check and free the vents – proper roof ventilation is essential for preventing the appearance of condense in winter, so make sure your roof vents are free from any obstacles. If you don’t have appropriate roof vents, fall is the perfect time to get them installed.

Hilarious Jokes to Share with Your Roofer

Everyone likes a good joke – if you are currently involved in a roofing project and you communicate a lot with your hardworking roof repair Manhattan KS professional, here are some good jokes to share with him if you think he has the sense of humor to appreciate them:

  • What are the most common health issues among roofers? – hip replacements and gutters rot;
  • The tool that you need to finish the job you are working on will be broken, left on the previous roof you have worked on or lent to a fellow roofer;
  • Things to remember for roofers – whenever you need to go to the ground to fetch something, it will be only after you climb back up that you will remember what the thing you initially needed was; whenever your roofing boss tells you that he will leave you to work alone because he has some paperwork to do, make sure to take an alternative road home when you are finished on the job site because it is very embarrassing to overtake him on a road that he is not supposed to be on;
  • Your roofing boss will always show up ten seconds after you sit down after having worked hard for six hours straight.

Superior roofing humor

How to Tell if Your Roof has Heat Damage

As much as you love summer, you should know that sun can cause roof damage just like any extreme weather phenomena. UV radiation is likely to make roofing materials change not just their aspect but also their structure. For example, asphalt shingles (the most popular roofing materials in the US) will lose many of their qualities after they are repeatedly exposed to the sun and high temperatures. As such, in time, they tend to become inflexible and brittle, which will make them crack more easily and allow moisture to infiltrate in the structure of the roof.

When it comes to commercial roofs, even if they tend to be tougher than shingle roofs, the summer`s heat still takes its toll and may cause cracks and bumps in the covering membranes. These problems may be ignored for a long time, especially if the owner is not preoccupied by maintaining the roof regularly, and they will become a priority only when the roof will start to leak.

If you want to stand the best chance against the summer heat, you must have professional roof repair Manhattan KS contractors perform periodic maintenance, regardless the type of the roof we are talking about. Also, there are methods to protect a roof from excessive UV radiation, one of the most efficient being the installation of a reflective roof.

use roof repair Manhattan KS contractors to repair heat damaged shingles

Understanding the Storm Damage Claim Process and What It Entails

storm damage roof repair Manhattan KS

Storm damage can get pretty complicated fairly fast. If you fail to gather the necessary evidence about the damage that a storm might have caused your home, your insurance company might refuse to pay you almost anything for it, leading you to try to appeal to your lawyer and get maybe a slightly higher compensation even under the best of circumstances.

There are, however, many ways in which you can avoid this outcome by preparing yourself for confronting your insurer:

• Start by taking pictures or even videos of your home, as it is or recently was damaged by the storm. The sooner you prepare the footage, the harder it will be for anyone to say that the damage that was caused is not storm damage. For roofing damage, contact Superior Roofing to schedule an inspection, damage assessment, and replacement cost estimates.
• Talk to a skilled public adjuster and have them provide you with information on what papers to prepare and what evidence to bring along as you go to meet with your insurance company.
• Study your insurance policy. Does it even cover storm damage? What specific terms does it have showing whether or not there are any loopholes the insurance company can take? Discuss these details with your public adjuster beforehand, and leave no fact unaccounted for on your path to getting through your storm damage claim process.

Understanding Roof Ridge-venting

A roof ridge vent works like a ventilator, but without requiring electricity for its operation. The vents are installed in the topmost part of the roof, right under the peak of sloping roofs and they are used for ensuring that the air in the attic is never too cold or too hot and that it is always dry.

While condensation is dangerous in any attic because the water droplets can settle on wooden components that are sensitive to the exposure to water and respond developing rot, mold and mildew, high temperatures in the attic are especially dangerous when the roof is covered in snow because the warm attic also warms the roof, melting the snow on top and causing ice dams to appear. Call roof repair Manhattan KS service pros if you think you are developing condensation and ice dams.

roof repair Manhattan KS


Ridge vents are low-profile objects that are installed from end to end on the topmost roof section. Their principle role is to eliminate the moist, warm air rising from inside the building when the temperatures drop, thus preventing the accumulation of moisture and heat in the attic space as well as the appearance of condensation.

On many buildings, ridge vents are also paired with air intake vents installed underneath the roof to make air movement even more efficient.

What to Expect From a Roof Inspection

roof repair Manhattan KS inspection

Inspecting a roof regularly is an obligation for every residential and commercial business owner. This operation ensures the identification of problems before they get big and very expensive to repair, as well as insurance protection. The standard protocol is making two roof inspections every year, but unfortunately many people ignore it and remember about it only when they must (in the case of a severe weather phenomena and unexpected damage).

As a homeowner or building manager, it is important to have a good understanding of what a professional roof inspection means.

First, you must contact a roofer in your area and make an appointment. To be prepared for it, you should gather important documents that will be necessary during the inspection: information on the roof`s installation, maintenance and repair history, warranties etc.

Besides identifying potential problems, a reputable roof repair Manhattan KS inspector can also help you with options to enhance the protection or the life span of your roof. The costs related to roofing inspections is minor compared to the financial hit if the roof gets heavily damaged, so there is no good reason to postpone it indefinitely.

You will receive an inspection report which will be useful for the future improvements and repairs.