How to Find Out About the Most Important Tools You Needed for DIY Roof Repair

DIY roof repair has become quite popular in recent years, as a lot of homeowners and business owners have decided to take matters into their own hands,  rather than paying for an expensive roof repair service. Unfortunately, you can’t always do everything with your bare hands, and even if you don’t get advice or support from a roofer, you still need good tools to carry out your repair work.

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In order to find out what tools you need, you’ll have to learn more about your roof and how it is constructed. Based on the materials it uses and its installation, as well as the volume of work that the repair job might entail – for instance, when having to restore an entire section of the roof, versus just replacing a few shingles here and there – you will need to select the appropriate tools.

A sturdy ladder and harness, along with a hammer and some roofing cement might be enough to replace a shingle or two. However, when you’re also working on the decking and underlayment, or you have to replace the flashing, you might also need some additional tools to help you. If you want to find out more about the exact types of tools used in a more comprehensive roofing project, consider contacting one of your local roof Manhattan services for additional advice.

How to Get Rid of an Ice Dam

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Whether you have an ice dam or multiple ice dams sitting at the edge of your roof or attached to your gutters because snow has caught you by surprise or because you have neglected roof Manhattan home property advice in terms of ice dam prevention, the problem is already there and it needs to be tackled – here is how:

  • Cut the water supply – before you tackle the issue of the ice damming, you need to remove all the excess snow and ice from the roof. Get a roof rake – these simple tools come with extendable sticks and a special raking surface that removes snow and ice quickly;
  • Cut the icicles – grab a safe and stable ladder, attach it to the roof safely and climb up to the icicle with a suitable tool, such as an ice pick or a hatchet and cut it off at the base. While doing so, take care not to damage the gutter pipe or the roof covering material that the ice dam is fixed to;
  • Apply a de-icing product – if the icicle is too thick, help the melting process with a de-icing product. These products usually come in the form of powders or sprays and they need to be used according to the instructions on the product label.

The Best Siding Colors to Compliment Metal Roofs

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Metal roofs stand out in the incredibly varied and wide range of materials with the variety of colors and textures available – whatever hue you need to create a harmonious exterior appearance for your home, you will surely find it or, if the color is not readily available, you can surely order it from roof Manhattan installation contractors. However, if you have recently installed a new metal roof on your Manhattan home and now you are in the process of matching the color of your new siding panels to the roof color, here are some home siding tips for you:

  • Matching hues for dark-colored roofs – a dark brown or black roof looks great with blue siding and a white trim. Choose a shade of blue that is not very striking, such as navy;
  • Brown roofs – they look great when matched with red, tan or white siding panels;
  • Dark green roofs – the perfect match for these roofs is cream color. You can create an even more harmonious look with some planters in the windows;
  • Gray roofs – they work best with striking colors on the walls, such as powder hues or with a gray siding that is a shade or two lighter than the roof and contrasted with a white trim.


Signs You Might Have Roof Rust

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Roof rust is an issue that affects not only metal roofs – though the roofs made entirely from metal panels or metal shingles are, indeed, constructions that are more sensitive to rusting, other roof types also have metal components that can develop rust. Here are the most important signs to look out for:

  • Dark brown dots, spots and cracks on the paint – the first sign that indicates the presence of rust is the deterioration of the surface coating. Rust appears when the coating that protects the metal surface gets damaged and moisture comes into direct contact with the metal. In the early phases, rust appears only in small spots and dots that are still easy to remove and to repair;
  • Weakened material – more severe rust causes the affected metal component to become porous and weak. The process is accompanied by the appearance of larger areas of dark brown discolorations;
  • Holes and cracks – in its most severe form, rust can completely dissolve the metal, causing cracks, puncture-like damage or even large holes in the material. In this advanced stage of deterioration, the affected metal component can no longer be repaired, the only solution being replacement and the application of suitable rust protection on the new component. Experienced roof Manhattan contractors will be able to inspect your roof, and give you the best suggestions on how to repair or replace your rusted roof.

Why It’s Important to Clean Your Roof

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Roof cleaning is one of the easiest and most important roof maintenance tasks, an operation that can, by itself, prolong the life of your roof. Here is how and why:

  • Allowing the roof to breathe and to dry – the debris that accumulates on roofs is not only unsightly, but dangerous as well. Composed mostly of dust, leaves, twigs and feathers, the dirt on your roof absorbs rainwater and locks in the moisture, preventing the roof covering underneath to dry sufficiently quickly. Roofing materials are sturdy and designed to resist exposure to water, but the prolonged exposure to moisture weakens them and causes leaks to appear. The only way to prevent that from happening is to clean the your roof properly at least twice a year;
  • Prevention of infestations with algae and the appearance of mold and mildew – algae as well as mold spores are known to be carried by the wind and to proliferate in moist environments. When the airborne spores settle on the moist debris that has accumulated on the roof, they start multiplying, causing discolored patches to appear on the roof or even worse, moving into your rooms, causing health issues. The problem is easy to prevent – with proper, regular scheduled roof Manhattan professional cleaning services.

The White Roof Fad – Important Things to Know About White Roofs and Their Popularity

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White roofs have become very popular as of late and for good reason. In an effort to save as much money as possible, many homeowners have chosen to invest in white roofs that can better reflect sunlight and help prevent its absorption. As a result, white roofs are capable of keeping heat away from your home, helping you save a lot of energy and literally looking “cool” in the process.

Even though the white roof fad is in full bloom, it’s important to note that white roofs aren’t for everyone. While some climates require white roofs in order for homeowners to be able to withstand the extremely hot temperatures present where they live, this isn’t the case in the north of the country, as well as close to the Rocky Mountains, where the temperature is typically lower all year round.

Here the opposite is required: a roof that has a darker shade and can more easily absorb sunlight instead of reflecting it. As a result, you will gain the benefit of having a warmer home and having to use less energy to power your HVAC in the winter. Check with expert roof Manhattan pros to get their opinion on what is best for your home.

While white roofs continue to be popular, it is very essential to be aware of why that popularity appeared and to discern for yourself whether or not installing a brand new white roof should be on your agenda as well.

How to Choose Attic Insulation for Kansas Homes

Kansas gets varied climate, a semiarid steppe area in the western part, humid subtropical in the south and humid continental in the east, which also means that the attic insulation solutions used in local homes need to address different issues and to fulfill different requirements.

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Fortunately, most modern materials used for insulating attics are suitable for all three climate zones, so here are a few other aspects to bear in mind when choosing the insulation for your Kansas attic:

  • The method of installation – if you want to install the insulation yourself, there are two types of materials that can be handled in a DIY fashion: loose fill and batt. Loose fill insulation consists of insulation fiber and is installed blowing the material with the help of a machine that can be rented from home centers. Batt insulation comes in sheets and is installed into a wooden frame. If you are willing to turn to professionals for the insulation process, you have one more option: spray foam, a material blown onto the attic floor and into the walls with special machines and offers more efficient sealing than the other two methods;
  • The related costs – with DIY installation, you can obviously avoid the labor costs, while spray foam is more expensive and it also needs to be professionally installed by roof Manhattan contractors.