Spotting Wind Damage on Your Roof

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Wind is one of the main phenomena that cause significant damage to roofs all over the country.  If a storm hits your area, you must look for signs of wind damage on your roof, as soon as it is gone.

A metal roofing Manhattan KS inspection must be performed twice a year, as well as whenever it is necessary. After a storm, it is definitely necessary, to spot wind damage that may create vulnerable spots in your roof and make it less efficient and prone to leaks.

Here are the signs to look for:

Missing or damages shingles

Strong winds can blow away shingles or curl their edges and make them lose. Some roofing materials are stronger than others, but there is no guarantee that they will resist if an area is hit by a hurricane or a tornado.

Fallen tree branches and other debris

Strong winds can break tree limbs and blow away other debris and lose objects that may land on the roof before falling to the ground. If you notice debris around the house immediately after a storm, there is the possibility to have roof damage.

Loose or missing flashing, gutters and downspouts

Shingles are not the only roofing materials that may be damaged by winds. The drainage system, as well as the flashing around chimneys may become loose and allow water infiltrations.

The Top Culprits of Roof Leaks

Roof leaks, whether small or large, are usually caused by a hole or holes in the roof, through which water penetrates the attic and from there, if the quantity of water on the attic floor exceeds a certain amount, it can soak through the ceilings inside the home and cause water damage.

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The hole through which the water gets into the attic can be caused by various issues – here are some:

  • Damaged flashing – the flashing is among the most sensitive areas on any roof and if its integrity becomes compromised, the fault will compromise the integrity of the entire roof;
  • Damaged attic vents – the vents installed on the roof with the purpose of ensuring proper ventilation in the attic area can also get damaged easily, causing the accumulation of moisture in the attic;
  • Damaged sealing in the roof valleys – roof valleys are where two roof sections meet. The areas are covered in stripes of sealing material that strengthen the areas. If the sealing stripes are damaged, water can easily seep through, causing quickly growing leaks;
  • Clogged gutters – if your gutter pipes or your downspouts get clogged, they no longer divert rain water or melted snow away from the walls and from the roof and the exposure to excessive amounts of water can quickly lead to the appearance of leaks.

If your roof is suffering from a damaging roof leak, you will want to call metal roofing Manhattan KS repair specialists asap.

Dos and Don’ts of Metal Roof Maintenance

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Metal roofing is a durable and not-so pretentious option, so it requires minimal maintenance. According to the experts, you should check your metal roof twice a year, mostly visually, to ensure that everything looks good and nothing is missing.

Sometimes, you may notice some problems either below the roof (water infiltrations) or on the exterior (damaged shingles or accessories). These are signs indicating that your roof needs immediate repairs from Superior Roofing Manhattan KS contractors.

On the other hand, if you see nothing wrong metal roof maintenance should only include a couple of operations, beside regular inspections. So, here are the DOs:

  • Keeping your roof clean during every season
  • Choosing materials that represent the expression of quality, whenever it is necessary to replace something on your roof

And here are the DON’T`s:

  • Do not hire any contractor to repair your roof. Look for a licensed local Superior Roofing Manhattan KS professional, experienced, and insured
  • Do not ignore infiltrations, no matter how small they are. When you are confronted with such problems, nothing should be left to chance because, over time, they will only get worse. Therefore, you need to find the source of the infiltration and then call a specialist immediately to perform the necessary repairs.