How to Prepare Your Home Exterior for a Winter Storm

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Your home exterior will be your ultimate line of defense when winter storms hit, so you need to fortify it as much as you can to ensure your building envelope protects you, whatever winter weather comes along. Here are some tasks that you should perform before the first snow:

  • Check, clean and repair your roof and your gutters – the topmost section of your building needs all the attention possible to be able to perform well throughout the winter. Inspect it to detect any loose, damaged or missing components, clean it to make sure that it is free from any damage-causing debris and implement any repairs necessary for giving back your roof and your gutters their strength. Pay special attention to sensitive roof areas, such as the flashing around roof openings and in roof valleys; Contact reputable roof repair Manhattan KS contractors as soon as you notice an area requiring maintenance or repair. The last thing you want is more damages caused by roof leaks.
  • Prepare the area surrounding your building – trim the trees that have branches overhanging the roof to prevent any debris accumulation and damage caused by the impact of falling tree limbs;
  • Check the siding panels or the wall – any holes, cracks or other forms of damage need to be fixed;
  • Install shutters or storm windows – they are great for protecting your windows from freezing rain, snow, sleet and wind-blown objects.

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