How to Get Rid of an Ice Dam

Manhattan roofers can help remove ice dams

Whether you have an ice dam or multiple ice dams sitting at the edge of your roof or attached to your gutters because snow has caught you by surprise or because you have neglected roof Manhattan home property advice in terms of ice dam prevention, the problem is already there and it needs to be tackled – here is how:

  • Cut the water supply – before you tackle the issue of the ice damming, you need to remove all the excess snow and ice from the roof. Get a roof rake – these simple tools come with extendable sticks and a special raking surface that removes snow and ice quickly;
  • Cut the icicles – grab a safe and stable ladder, attach it to the roof safely and climb up to the icicle with a suitable tool, such as an ice pick or a hatchet and cut it off at the base. While doing so, take care not to damage the gutter pipe or the roof covering material that the ice dam is fixed to;
  • Apply a de-icing product – if the icicle is too thick, help the melting process with a de-icing product. These products usually come in the form of powders or sprays and they need to be used according to the instructions on the product label.

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