How Long Do Roof Replacements Take?

People replace their roof when damages are beyond repair and the roof’s functionality is compromised. Some also chose to renovate their roof for aesthetic reasons (changing the overall appearance of their property).

A roof replacement is a process that requires at least a few days to be completed by a team of specialists. The duration should be discussed with your roofing contractor and also mentioned in the contract.

Superior Roofing roof repair

Replacing a roof includes several operations: tearing off the old roof, performing structural repairs (if they are needed), installing deck protection and moisture barrier, installing the shingles and, finally, cleaning up debris resulted from installation. The experts at can give you a complete idea of the process and time frame needed to install, repair, or replace your roof.

Even before making a contract with a roofing company for replacing your roof, you can estimate the duration of the project, based on the roofing materials (each type has its own installation method and requirements) and the surface of your roof. Typically, a slate roof can be installed in about a week, asphalt shingles require only 2-3 days, while metal shingles or wood shakes are installed in about 4 days, on a roof area of 35-40 sq. ft. and by a team of 5 roofers, considering that weather is favorable and there are no unforeseen interruptions.

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