How to Find Out About the Most Important Things to Know About Roof Repairs

Roof repairs have a lot of secrets that most homeowners don’t know about. If you want to find out more about them, you’ll have to get in touch with a dependable and experienced Wamego roofing contractor, who will be able to answer most of your questions.

The most important thing, at first, is to ask questions relating to your own roof before anything else. So it makes sense to find a contractor who specializes in that type of roofing. If you have a slate roof, make sure the roofers you talk to have extensive experiencing with installing and fixing slate roofs.

The questions you ask are also important, since you don’t want to waste your own time or the time of your roofer. So, do some research about the typical problems that can lead to roofing issues needing repairs. These can include anything from leaks, shingles damaged in storms and broken flashing, to ice dams, bad ventilation and faulty gutter systems.

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By learning more about the core of the issue, you can find out all you need to know about the actual repairs needed to get your roof properly fixed. Then you can easily figure out the best course of action for getting the right repairs done – either through DIY work or by hiring a local Wamego roofer.

Common Roof Repairs Needed During Fall

Fall is the time when homeowners start preparing their property for the upcoming winter. The process should include the roof and the gutters, too – here are some important roof repair Manhattan KS home maintenance steps that you should perform when summer is over, but winter is not yet here:

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  • Clean and inspect the roof – the summer has probably left lots of debris on your roof and in your gutters, dirt that can cause serious problems if not removed. Clean the roof surface, then scrape out from the gutters whatever can clog them and check the entire roof structure for damaged components. Look for cracked, chipped or missing components, shingles that are torn, buckling or are no longer covered in the surface granules responsible for weatherproofing, then replace them all;
  • Inspect, repair or replace the flashing – the flashing is responsible for reinforcing sensitive roof areas, so check each of the stripes for cracks or improper adherence and replace the damaged components;
  • Check and free the vents – proper roof ventilation is essential for preventing the appearance of condense in winter, so make sure your roof vents are free from any obstacles. If you don’t have appropriate roof vents, fall is the perfect time to get them installed.

The Benefits of Installing Metal Roofing

Metal roofs are among the most popular and most appreciated roofing materials today – here are some the benefits that account for that popularity:

  • Affordability – metal roofs are among the most conveniently priced roofing materials, offering an outstanding price to value ratio;
  • Durability – modern metal roofing panels are warranted for 50-75 years, but most of them can live for even longer than that. Metal roofs can also endure extreme weather conditions, being a great option for regions that get strong storms, heavy raining and snowing;
  • Quick and easy installation – metal panels can be installed on top of the existent roofing, without requiring the removal of the old roof and the process does not require any special tools or knowledge;
  • Superior reflective qualities – metal roofing panels reflect solar radiation, therefore they can improve the energy efficiency of buildings in hot climate areas;
  • Attractive appearance – Superior Roofing Manhattan KS metal roofing panels come in a large variety of colors, textures and shapes, even in designs that replicate high-end natural materials, such as clay or stone. This means that there is a matching metal roof for any building, classic or modern;
  • Sustainability – metal roofs are 100% recyclable at the end of their life cycle, so they are one of the best options for environment-conscious building owners.

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The Most Common Metal Roofing Problems and Their Solutions

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The metal alloys used for manufacturing roofing panels are very durable and resistant, able to take almost any and all beating from the elements, but as any roof type has its own, typical faults, metal roofs also tend to develop the same type of issues, whatever type of alloys they are made from and whatever the geographical area they are installed in. Here are the most frequently encountered roofing issues:

  • Roof leaks caused by improper craftsmanship – in most cases, roof leaks are caused by improper installation that results in punctures and gaps, disrupting the continuity of the material and lets water seep through. Unfortunately, such roof leaks can only be remedied with the replacement of the punctured panel;
  • Rust – when the surface coating that protects the metal surface gets damaged, the process exposes the metal surface underneath to the actions of water, causing rust to appear. In its incipient phases, the rust can be removed with the help of rust removal products, but if the damage is too extensive, the only remedy is replacement;
  • Dents – metal roofs are also sensitive to the impact caused by hail stones or by falling debris, such as tree branches torn off by strong winds and dropped onto the roof. In most cases, the damage is only cosmetic in nature, but if it results in cracks or punctures, the deteriorated component needs to be replaced.

To keep your metal roof in good working condition, rely on expert metal roofing Manhattan KS maintenance professionals.

What Are the Most Practical Ways to Save Money on Roof Replacements?

Superior Roofing Manhattan KS contractors can offer you practical solutions to roofing services

Saving money on a Superior Roofing Manhattan KS roof replacement is no easy task. While there are a lot of different roofing products and materials to choose from, you’ll find that you also need to be very careful regarding the steps you take to ensure you don’t overspend:

  • Start by looking for less expensive roof replacement options. For instance, even if you don’t want the cheapest asphalt shingle roofing, and you can’t afford an expensive slate or clay alternative, you can compromise by choosing metal or composite shingles, which can still last anything between 30 and 60-70 years, depending on their level of quality.
  • Avoid getting all the bells and whistles for your roof, if you don’t need them. For instance, a salesman might pitch a skylight or a brand new type of coating that you simply don’t need in your area. So just stand firm, avoid making an impulse buy, and stay focused on getting only the most practical Superior Roofing Manhattan KS roof replacement products.
  • Finally, it’s a good idea to compare the products you buy between what different manufacturers have to offer. Some might ensure a better guarantee, while asking for more money. Others have better review. Find out more about each of them, and see which manufacturer is the most trustworthy one according to their past buyers.

The Worst Mistakes You Can Make When Replacing a Loose Shingle

Loose shingles aren’t usually too easy to deal with. While most homeowners will prefer hiring a #1 Junction City roofing service to take care of the problem, some will try the DIY approach, and depending on their level of knowledge and experience in dealing with roofing problems, they might run into a lot of problems.

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One of the most common and problematic mistakes associated with replacing a loose shingle happens when “do-it-yourselfers” fail to lay down a starter section of shingles along with the eaves. This has to be done in order to prevent rainwater from reaching the interior of the roof and damaging the sheathing.

The improper use of nails is also high on the list of the most common mistakes that DIY roofers tend to make. When nailing down your new shingles after removing the old one, you have to make sure that it’s fastened securely, otherwise, it will come loose and all the work will have been for nothing.

Finally, failing to align shingles correctly when replacing multiple adjacent loose shingles can be a huge mistake. If the butted joints are not on the same horizontal plane and the cutouts are not aligned vertically, then you’re definitely not doing it right and you need to revise your installation as early as possible.

Tips for Growing Plants on Your Roof

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Rooftops that have flat areas are useful, but often neglected components of the house – if your roof is entirely flat or it has some space that can be transformed into a small garden, here are some tips (look for more here about how to make the most of it:

  • Check roof rights – if you are the owner of the building, you can use your rooftop the way you want, but if you live in a rental, you might not have the right to make changes on the roof. Before you buy any plants or planters, check with your landlord or with the condo organization if it is OK to start a garden on the roof;
  • Choose plants that are suitable for the light conditions – if your rooftop is exposed to the sun all day, get plants that love lots of harsh light and don’t mind the heat either, such as Mediterranean herbs or cacti, but if your rooftop is shaded by the surrounding buildings, get plants that can thrive well in the shade;
  • Water and drainage – most plants need lots of water during their growing season. You can make sure there is always enough water up there by placing a barrel filled with water on the rooftop (it will give you the additional benefit of collecting rainwater, too).

Insurance for Your Hail Damage Roof Repairs

Junction City roofing contractors can prepare hail damage insurance assessment

Hail can be a very destructive phenomenon for a roof. Getting an insurance policy that protects you in the event of hail damage is very important for your peace of mind.

In this article, we will talk about two of the most frequent concerns people have when they have to make a claim for hail damage.

  1. The time limit to file the insurance claim

In most cases, you have one month after the hailstorm caused damage to your roof to make the claim. The first thing you should do is take pictures and bring a trustworthy Junction City roofing contractor to estimate the damage.  Call your insurer to determine whether hail damage is covered by your home insurance. If it is, allow your insurance adjuster to inspect the roof and confront him with the estimate made by your roofer, just to be sure that you will receive adequate compensation. File the claim and start the repairs.

  1. Filing a roof hail damage insurance claim even if there is no roof leak

If the roof is not leaking, it doesn`t mean it is not damaged, so yes, you are allowed to receive compensation even if there is no leak. Hail damage does not always result in roof leaks, at least not immediately, but it often consists in damaged roofing materials and vulnerabilities.

The White Roof Fad – Important Things to Know About White Roofs and Their Popularity

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White roofs have become very popular as of late and for good reason. In an effort to save as much money as possible, many homeowners have chosen to invest in white roofs that can better reflect sunlight and help prevent its absorption. As a result, white roofs are capable of keeping heat away from your home, helping you save a lot of energy and literally looking “cool” in the process.

Even though the white roof fad is in full bloom, it’s important to note that white roofs aren’t for everyone. While some climates require white roofs in order for homeowners to be able to withstand the extremely hot temperatures present where they live, this isn’t the case in the north of the country, as well as close to the Rocky Mountains, where the temperature is typically lower all year round.

Here the opposite is required: a roof that has a darker shade and can more easily absorb sunlight instead of reflecting it. As a result, you will gain the benefit of having a warmer home and having to use less energy to power your HVAC in the winter. Check with expert roof Manhattan pros to get their opinion on what is best for your home.

While white roofs continue to be popular, it is very essential to be aware of why that popularity appeared and to discern for yourself whether or not installing a brand new white roof should be on your agenda as well.

Understanding the Storm Damage Claim Process and What It Entails

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Storm damage can get pretty complicated fairly fast. If you fail to gather the necessary evidence about the damage that a storm might have caused your home, your insurance company might refuse to pay you almost anything for it, leading you to try to appeal to your lawyer and get maybe a slightly higher compensation even under the best of circumstances.

There are, however, many ways in which you can avoid this outcome by preparing yourself for confronting your insurer:

• Start by taking pictures or even videos of your home, as it is or recently was damaged by the storm. The sooner you prepare the footage, the harder it will be for anyone to say that the damage that was caused is not storm damage. For roofing damage, contact Superior Roofing to schedule an inspection, damage assessment, and replacement cost estimates.
• Talk to a skilled public adjuster and have them provide you with information on what papers to prepare and what evidence to bring along as you go to meet with your insurance company.
• Study your insurance policy. Does it even cover storm damage? What specific terms does it have showing whether or not there are any loopholes the insurance company can take? Discuss these details with your public adjuster beforehand, and leave no fact unaccounted for on your path to getting through your storm damage claim process.