Tips for Growing Plants on Your Roof

roof gardening

Rooftops that have flat areas are useful, but often neglected components of the house – if your roof is entirely flat or it has some space that can be transformed into a small garden, here are some tips (look for more here about how to make the most of it:

  • Check roof rights – if you are the owner of the building, you can use your rooftop the way you want, but if you live in a rental, you might not have the right to make changes on the roof. Before you buy any plants or planters, check with your landlord or with the condo organization if it is OK to start a garden on the roof;
  • Choose plants that are suitable for the light conditions – if your rooftop is exposed to the sun all day, get plants that love lots of harsh light and don’t mind the heat either, such as Mediterranean herbs or cacti, but if your rooftop is shaded by the surrounding buildings, get plants that can thrive well in the shade;
  • Water and drainage – most plants need lots of water during their growing season. You can make sure there is always enough water up there by placing a barrel filled with water on the rooftop (it will give you the additional benefit of collecting rainwater, too).

Insurance for Your Hail Damage Roof Repairs

Junction City roofing contractors can prepare hail damage insurance assessment

Hail can be a very destructive phenomenon for a roof. Getting an insurance policy that protects you in the event of hail damage is very important for your peace of mind.

In this article, we will talk about two of the most frequent concerns people have when they have to make a claim for hail damage.

  1. The time limit to file the insurance claim

In most cases, you have one month after the hailstorm caused damage to your roof to make the claim. The first thing you should do is take pictures and bring a trustworthy Junction City roofing contractor to estimate the damage.  Call your insurer to determine whether hail damage is covered by your home insurance. If it is, allow your insurance adjuster to inspect the roof and confront him with the estimate made by your roofer, just to be sure that you will receive adequate compensation. File the claim and start the repairs.

  1. Filing a roof hail damage insurance claim even if there is no roof leak

If the roof is not leaking, it doesn`t mean it is not damaged, so yes, you are allowed to receive compensation even if there is no leak. Hail damage does not always result in roof leaks, at least not immediately, but it often consists in damaged roofing materials and vulnerabilities.

The White Roof Fad – Important Things to Know About White Roofs and Their Popularity

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White roofs have become very popular as of late and for good reason. In an effort to save as much money as possible, many homeowners have chosen to invest in white roofs that can better reflect sunlight and help prevent its absorption. As a result, white roofs are capable of keeping heat away from your home, helping you save a lot of energy and literally looking “cool” in the process.

Even though the white roof fad is in full bloom, it’s important to note that white roofs aren’t for everyone. While some climates require white roofs in order for homeowners to be able to withstand the extremely hot temperatures present where they live, this isn’t the case in the north of the country, as well as close to the Rocky Mountains, where the temperature is typically lower all year round.

Here the opposite is required: a roof that has a darker shade and can more easily absorb sunlight instead of reflecting it. As a result, you will gain the benefit of having a warmer home and having to use less energy to power your HVAC in the winter. Check with expert roof Manhattan pros to get their opinion on what is best for your home.

While white roofs continue to be popular, it is very essential to be aware of why that popularity appeared and to discern for yourself whether or not installing a brand new white roof should be on your agenda as well.

Understanding the Storm Damage Claim Process and What It Entails

storm damage roof repair Manhattan KS

Storm damage can get pretty complicated fairly fast. If you fail to gather the necessary evidence about the damage that a storm might have caused your home, your insurance company might refuse to pay you almost anything for it, leading you to try to appeal to your lawyer and get maybe a slightly higher compensation even under the best of circumstances.

There are, however, many ways in which you can avoid this outcome by preparing yourself for confronting your insurer:

• Start by taking pictures or even videos of your home, as it is or recently was damaged by the storm. The sooner you prepare the footage, the harder it will be for anyone to say that the damage that was caused is not storm damage. For roofing damage, contact Superior Roofing to schedule an inspection, damage assessment, and replacement cost estimates.
• Talk to a skilled public adjuster and have them provide you with information on what papers to prepare and what evidence to bring along as you go to meet with your insurance company.
• Study your insurance policy. Does it even cover storm damage? What specific terms does it have showing whether or not there are any loopholes the insurance company can take? Discuss these details with your public adjuster beforehand, and leave no fact unaccounted for on your path to getting through your storm damage claim process.

The Top Culprits of Roof Leaks

Roof leaks, whether small or large, are usually caused by a hole or holes in the roof, through which water penetrates the attic and from there, if the quantity of water on the attic floor exceeds a certain amount, it can soak through the ceilings inside the home and cause water damage.

metal roofing Manhattan KS roof repair

The hole through which the water gets into the attic can be caused by various issues – here are some:

  • Damaged flashing – the flashing is among the most sensitive areas on any roof and if its integrity becomes compromised, the fault will compromise the integrity of the entire roof;
  • Damaged attic vents – the vents installed on the roof with the purpose of ensuring proper ventilation in the attic area can also get damaged easily, causing the accumulation of moisture in the attic;
  • Damaged sealing in the roof valleys – roof valleys are where two roof sections meet. The areas are covered in stripes of sealing material that strengthen the areas. If the sealing stripes are damaged, water can easily seep through, causing quickly growing leaks;
  • Clogged gutters – if your gutter pipes or your downspouts get clogged, they no longer divert rain water or melted snow away from the walls and from the roof and the exposure to excessive amounts of water can quickly lead to the appearance of leaks.

If your roof is suffering from a damaging roof leak, you will want to call metal roofing Manhattan KS repair specialists asap.

Tips for Budgeting for a New Roof

Installing a new roof is one of the most expensive projects a building owner has to deal with and treat with maximum responsibility, because the safety of the building as well as the comfort of people living or working in the building depend on the roof, on its condition and efficiency.
Installing a new roof must be planned ahead to avoid being taken by surprise, and completed by trained Wamego roofing contractors.

Wamego roofingCheck your roof’s age and warranty. Before reaching its lifespan, you should start saving, because it is easier this way than paying a large amount on money at once.
However, if you neglected the roof or savings are not an option, you must find other sources for the money you need.
There are two main categories of new roof costs that must be considered when make your calculations: material costs ( shingles, accessories, underlayment etc.) and labor costs (which vary according the contractor you employ, as well as the materials you choose).
If you want to budget smartly your new roof, choose materials offering the best quality-durability ratio and make sure they are guarantees by manufacturers. Take your time to explore and evaluate different Wamego roofing payment options. You can consider a bank loan, credit cards or home equity lines if you cannot pay cash or if your savings are not enough.

Steps to Take if Your Roof was Damaged by Hail

Junction City storm damage roof repair

Hailstorms are some of the most severe weather phenomena that may cause various levels of roof damage, depending on the size and density of the hail stones, as well as the intensity and speed of the wind.

Types of roof damage happening during a hailstorm include split, broken or missing shingles, dents, missing granulation, as well as clogged or broken drainage system.

There is little to do about your roof if you want to be prepared for such an event, other than installing impact resistant shingles, if you live in an area with frequent hailstorms. The most important thing is to know how to react promptly after a hailstorm damages your roof.

Do not panic and be proactive!

First, take the necessary measures to minimize the damage, if there is water in  the house and then start to evaluate the roof damage. Observe what happened, take pictures, videos and write down the damaged materials you notice and their location.  A Junction City roofing contractor can provide a repair estimate; make sure you get the estimate in writing.  All these will be very useful when you take the next step and make the insurance claim.

Call your insurance company and, once a representative comes and calculate the coverage you are allowed to receive, you can start planning the repair process.

How an Icy Roof Can Be Dangerous

Ice on the roof forms as ice dams or icicles, and both are dangerous.

The snow from a roof melts when it is exposed to sun or heat escaping from the building. In both cases, it slowly falls down the roof. In the meantime, if the temperature reaches the freezing point again, the melted snow refreezes as ice dams and icicles.

ice dams

Ice dams can cause damage to your Manhattan KS roof and the interior of your home. They trap the snow on the roof, allowing water to find a way through cracks and other vulnerabilities. Ice formation can also block and even tear off the gutters and downspouts, which will only lead to more water damage: trapped moisture in the attic, stained ceilings, mold, warped floors, peeling paint etc.

On the other hand, icicles are dangerous and even life threatening, especially when they are heavy. They may fall down anytime, damaging cars or causing injuries to people who pass under them.

The apparition of ice dams and icicles can be prevented by insulating the attic, ventilating properly the eaves ad cleaning the snow from the roof. Another solution is to have metal roofing Manhattan KS contractors install heating cables on the roof; they are self-regulating, compensate for temperature changes and melt the snow, preventing ice buildup.


How High Water Pressure Can Damage Your Roof

Cleaning your roof with a high-capacity pressure washer machine might seem like a great and efficient way to remove all impurities from the surface of the roof, including dust, debris, even mildew, algae and fungi, but in fact, it is among the worse things that you can do to your roof. Here is why:

  • Pulverized water and shingle granules – if you have a shingle roof, you surely know how important it is to preserve the health of the topmost, weatherproofing layer of granules on the shingles. The pulverized water delivered by high-capacity machines will dislodge these granules, exposing the deeper layers of the shingles to the elements and making your home more susceptible to water damage;
  • Damaged clay tiles – pressured water can also harm your clay tiles. Though the material is designed to withstand large amounts of water that comes in the form of precipitation, it is not made for resisting hitting so hard, that’s why pressurized water can easily crack your tiles;
  • Damaged underlayment – when water is applied at high pressures, it can also penetrate into the deeper layers of your roof, such as the beams or the underlayment, even to roof layers that can be weakened and damaged by water.

superior roofing manhattan kansas

If you find yourself in need of roof repair for this reason, or any other, Superior Roofing Manhattan KS service pros can help you get your roof in tip top shape.

Roofing Maintenance Tasks for The New Year

When it comes to the New Year’s resolution made by homeowners about their homes, roof maintenance is among the top ten things to do on the lists. Here is how to do it right:

  • Clean the roof – if your roof is covered in snow, remove the snow from the roof surface and from the gutters; if there is no snow, remove the dust, grime and debris that has accumulated on the roof. Clean the roof first and move to the gutters only afterwards to avoid having to work in vain;

roof maintenance checklist

  • Inspect the roof and the gutters – when the roof is clean, you can perform a thorough inspection of it. Check the shingles for cracks, dents, missing granules and other forms of damage, while in the case of tile roofs, look for chipped edges, cracks and missing components. Check the gutters for cracks, corrosion and sagging;
  • Repair the roof and the gutters – replace the damaged roofing components and remedy the issues that you have found when you checked your gutters. If you are not very comfortable doing roofing work on your own, hire an expert roofer to do them for you – these small repairs are affordable and they give you the peace of mind that your roof has been repaired by a qualified Junction City roofing expert.