Things to Know About Roofing Estimates

The best way to ensure that your budget can accommodate the roofing project that you have in mind is to contact multiple contractors for estimates and then to choose the estimate that makes the most sense.

Junction City roofing estimates

However, to be able to decide which of the estimates is the best, you need to know a few things about Junction City roofing estimates – here are some important aspects:

  • The material you want – the most expensive item in any estimate is usually the roof covering material. Before you start requesting estimates, try to do a little research of your own about material types, costs and quality levels, then discuss the subject with several roofing experts to find the best solution;
  • The timeframe – even if you are not pressured for time, make sure that the project estimate comes with a reasonable deadline and it does not drag on infinitely;
  • Waste removal – you need an estimate that includes a plan for removing the debris generated by the workers, otherwise you will be left with all the dirt and mess;
  • Warranties and liabilities – an estimate prepared by a responsible roofer includes information about the warranties he offers on the labor completed by him and his crew as well as a detailed description of the procedure to be followed in case of an unexpected event.

Hilarious Jokes to Share with Your Roofer

Everyone likes a good joke – if you are currently involved in a roofing project and you communicate a lot with your hardworking roof repair Manhattan KS professional, here are some good jokes to share with him if you think he has the sense of humor to appreciate them:

  • What are the most common health issues among roofers? – hip replacements and gutters rot;
  • The tool that you need to finish the job you are working on will be broken, left on the previous roof you have worked on or lent to a fellow roofer;
  • Things to remember for roofers – whenever you need to go to the ground to fetch something, it will be only after you climb back up that you will remember what the thing you initially needed was; whenever your roofing boss tells you that he will leave you to work alone because he has some paperwork to do, make sure to take an alternative road home when you are finished on the job site because it is very embarrassing to overtake him on a road that he is not supposed to be on;
  • Your roofing boss will always show up ten seconds after you sit down after having worked hard for six hours straight.

Superior roofing humor

Tips for Your Simple DIY Roof Repairs

The most important thing you should do to make your roof last as long as possible has to do with regular repairs and maintenance. In most cases, these operations are simple and can be performed by homeowners. Here are a few tips:

Inspect the roof frequently. You do not have to climb on it. An overall visual inspection, from the ground, is enough to observe obvious problems such as loose or missing roofing materials. For minor repairs, you need specific tools and replacing materials. For cleaning, you’ll need brush for the gutters, a garden hose connected to water and a detergent that cleans the roof efficiently without corroding materials or affecting the vegetation around the house. If you find significant damages, you will want to find superior Wamego roofing contractors to complete necessary repairs.

safety tips from Wamego roofing contractors

Before you climb the roof to perform the repair or cleaning operations, here is the most important tip: take the necessary precautions!

Falling from the height is one of the biggest causes of accidents among people who work on roofs. Professional roofers have sets of work safety rules that they are bound to respect; but if you are a homeowner performing some DIY roofing repairs, you have to protect yourself and purchase the necessary equipment before getting on the roof.

Avoid working on the roof if there are other options; when this cannot be avoided, make sure to use a stable ladder, a harness and some anti-slip shoes.

How to Choose Attic Insulation for Kansas Homes

Kansas gets varied climate, a semiarid steppe area in the western part, humid subtropical in the south and humid continental in the east, which also means that the attic insulation solutions used in local homes need to address different issues and to fulfill different requirements.

Manhattan roof insulation

Fortunately, most modern materials used for insulating attics are suitable for all three climate zones, so here are a few other aspects to bear in mind when choosing the insulation for your Kansas attic:

  • The method of installation – if you want to install the insulation yourself, there are two types of materials that can be handled in a DIY fashion: loose fill and batt. Loose fill insulation consists of insulation fiber and is installed blowing the material with the help of a machine that can be rented from home centers. Batt insulation comes in sheets and is installed into a wooden frame. If you are willing to turn to professionals for the insulation process, you have one more option: spray foam, a material blown onto the attic floor and into the walls with special machines and offers more efficient sealing than the other two methods;
  • The related costs – with DIY installation, you can obviously avoid the labor costs, while spray foam is more expensive and it also needs to be professionally installed by roof Manhattan contractors.

Holiday Decorations That Won’t Wreck Your Roof

home decorated for Christmas

Holiday decorations installed on the exterior of homes, including roofs are essential components of the celebration, but homeowners need to be cautions when they choose and install Wamego roofing decorations to avoid damaging their roof. Here is how you can avoid costly roof damage caused by decorations:

  • Do not perforate your roof – nailing or stitching your decorations to the shingles on your roof might seem like a quick and easy solution, but roofing materials are not made for being punctured, so choose decorations that can be installed with tape or with special clips. The same goes for gutters as well;
  • Be careful when you remove the decorations – you can damage your roof when you take the decorations off, too, so be very careful with that process, too;
  • Use only decorations intended for outdoor use – lights and other decorations that are intended for indoors are not made to withstand moisture, freezing temperatures and other hardships and they can easily get damage by unsuitable circumstances. The damage suffered by unsuitably selected roof lights or other décor components can lead to roof fires and other dangerous situations, so always make sure that you use decorations of the right type around your house.