The Pros and Cons of Metal Roofs – Why Buy a New Metal Roof?

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Metal roofs are among the best investments you can make in this day and age. Whether you want to save money and get a low-maintenance roof, or you’re interested in buying your new roof simply to ensure that your home is protected from UV radiation more effectively, a metal roof is definitely the best choice for you.

Some of the main benefits of installing metal roofing in Manhattan KS are as follows:

  • It can last for up to 50-75 years without many repairs or maintenance requirements.
  • It’s extremely energy-efficient, and it can help you save a lot of money in the long run.
  • A good metal roof can act as a cool roof in hot weather quite effectively.
  • It’s a great option for making the transition from a regular roof to an energy-efficient solar energy roof.
  • Metal roofing systems are also quite flexible when it comes to the numerous designs they allow for.

Of course, metal roofs are not perfect. They can still rust, and they are sometimes vulnerable to bad and fluctuating weather and temperature conditions. However, with the right coating and maintenance, you can protect your roof and have it withstand the test of time quite efficiently and without much of a problem for many decades to come.

Tips for Picking Out Your New Roof

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When you choose your new Junction City roofing options, there are many aspects that you need take into consideration – here are some of the most important factors:

  • Durability – durable Junction City roofing materials have different lifespans. Clay tiles can serve your home well for 70-100 years, metal roofs live for around 30-50 years, while shingle roofs can provide protection for 20-40 years;
  • Resistance to extreme weather – if your area is frequently affected by storms, hurricanes and hails, if it is very hot in summer or it is affected by extreme snowing in winter, you need a roof that is able to withstand all those extreme conditions;
  • Roof structure – if you have a sloping roof, your choice of material includes shingles, metal, wood, slate and clay or cement tiles, while the materials used for flat roofs include membranes made from special rubber, built-up constructions that use alternate layers of tar and ballast and metal;
  • Aesthetic appeal – you need to pick a material the color and the texture of which complements not only the overall design of your building, but blends into the neighborhood as well;
  • Weight – you need to make sure that your building can hold up the weight of the new roof. Clay tiles and slate, for example, are heavy materials that are not suitable for some lightweight constructions.


How Roofers Can Help Increase Your Home Value

One of the best options to add value to your Manhattan KS home is by replacing your old roof with a new one. It sounds like a big project indeed, but you get many advantages in return, not to mention that it is very long-term investment.

According to recent statistics, a new roof increases the resale value of a home by up to $12,000, which means that more than 60% of the installation costs can be recovered through the increased home value.

Besides the improved resale value, there are a few other significant pros of installing a new roof on your Manhattan home.

  • You upgrade your property`s aspect

A new roof is a very visible exterior element and it makes a great impression. Any new material looks great, but architectural asphalt shingles look truly spectacular!

  • You benefit from long warranties

Standard asphalt shingles come with 15-20-year warranty, while the most resistant materials (slate, metal) offer even 50-year warranties. The point is, with a new roof above your head, you get peace of mind for a very long time.

  • Your home becomes more energy-efficient

A new roof is made from efficient materials and insulation layers that reduce energy consumption.

  • Your home will be sold faster

A new roof will keep you away from inspection issues, when you sell your Manhattan KS property.

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Complementing Your Home Exterior with A New Roof Color

The color of your roof can make or break the overall appearance of your property – a hue that goes well with the colors of the doors and windows and with the shade used on the walls will create a harmonious look that is welcoming for guests and a pleasure to look at, while a roof color that is too bold, too striking can ruin it all. Here are a few tips about how to pick the right roof color:

roof and siding home curb appeal

  • Stay within one color palette – a color from the same palette as the color on your walls is a safe choice that guarantees a consistent appearance;
  • Pick a roof Manhattan home color and texture that goes with the style of your building – classic buildings don’t look good with a roof that features an unusual color, so if your home features a traditional exterior design, stick to earth colors, such as terracotta, brown or beige. If your building is modern and it has lots of innovative features, you can be bolder when you pick the roof color as well and you can venture into using a blue, green, red, orange or cream-color. Classic building look great with matte finishes, while the appearance of modern building can be complemented with a shiny roof.

Increasing Your Home Value with A New Roof

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A new roof on your home is a major investment that is not easy to finance, but it increases your home’s value in more than one way – here is how:

  • Improved resale value – if you want to sell your property any time in the future, the new roof will add thousands to the asking price;
  • Improved curb appeal – the colors and the textures offered by Junction City roofing companies allows homeowners to choose the roof design that suits the overall style of their home and to create the harmonious looks that turn heads and make neighbors jealous;
  • Energy-efficiency – the lower the costs related to heating and cooling the home, the higher its value and a new roof can surely improve the energy-efficiency of the home underneath. There are lots of great roofing materials available nowadays that make sure the building stays cool in summer and warm in winter;
  • A more marketable home – when a property is put out on the market, the roof is the component that undergoes the most serious scrutiny by interested buyers as well a by appraisers and inspectors. A properly installed new roof can make sure that your home will pass all the inspections and it will make the entire selling process smoother and faster.