How to Tell If Heavy Snowfall Will Damage Your Roof

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Roofing damage can sometimes be caused by heavy snowfall. While this isn’t always the case, there are factors that can lead to it, and they usually have to do with the structural integrity of your roof as well as its ability to keep a balanced set of conditions inside your home and in your attic.

Attic ventilation is the main issue here. In most cases, poor ventilation can cause your home to either heat up too much or lose too much heat. The unbalance between the heat in your home and the cold outside, as well as the condensation caused by it, can lead to the snow melting during the day and then freezing and causing ice dams to form near the edge of your roofing structure during the night.

As precipitation increases, and more snow falls, the added weight as the snow is held on top of your roof by the ice dams, will cause the roof to be under extreme strain, and sometimes the weaker points may even collapse under the added weight.

This is mainly the mechanism through which heavy snowfall can and will damage your roof. To make sure you can prevent it or to do some damage control once it’s already happened, make sure to contact your local Junction City roofing contractors and ask for advice.

The Best Siding Colors to Compliment Metal Roofs

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Metal roofs stand out in the incredibly varied and wide range of materials with the variety of colors and textures available – whatever hue you need to create a harmonious exterior appearance for your home, you will surely find it or, if the color is not readily available, you can surely order it from roof Manhattan installation contractors. However, if you have recently installed a new metal roof on your Manhattan home and now you are in the process of matching the color of your new siding panels to the roof color, here are some home siding tips for you:

  • Matching hues for dark-colored roofs – a dark brown or black roof looks great with blue siding and a white trim. Choose a shade of blue that is not very striking, such as navy;
  • Brown roofs – they look great when matched with red, tan or white siding panels;
  • Dark green roofs – the perfect match for these roofs is cream color. You can create an even more harmonious look with some planters in the windows;
  • Gray roofs – they work best with striking colors on the walls, such as powder hues or with a gray siding that is a shade or two lighter than the roof and contrasted with a white trim.


Why It’s Important to Clean Your Roof

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Roof cleaning is one of the easiest and most important roof maintenance tasks, an operation that can, by itself, prolong the life of your roof. Here is how and why:

  • Allowing the roof to breathe and to dry – the debris that accumulates on roofs is not only unsightly, but dangerous as well. Composed mostly of dust, leaves, twigs and feathers, the dirt on your roof absorbs rainwater and locks in the moisture, preventing the roof covering underneath to dry sufficiently quickly. Roofing materials are sturdy and designed to resist exposure to water, but the prolonged exposure to moisture weakens them and causes leaks to appear. The only way to prevent that from happening is to clean the your roof properly at least twice a year;
  • Prevention of infestations with algae and the appearance of mold and mildew – algae as well as mold spores are known to be carried by the wind and to proliferate in moist environments. When the airborne spores settle on the moist debris that has accumulated on the roof, they start multiplying, causing discolored patches to appear on the roof or even worse, moving into your rooms, causing health issues. The problem is easy to prevent – with proper, regular scheduled roof Manhattan professional cleaning services.

Spotting Wind Damage on Your Roof

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Wind is one of the main phenomena that cause significant damage to roofs all over the country.  If a storm hits your area, you must look for signs of wind damage on your roof, as soon as it is gone.

A metal roofing Manhattan KS inspection must be performed twice a year, as well as whenever it is necessary. After a storm, it is definitely necessary, to spot wind damage that may create vulnerable spots in your roof and make it less efficient and prone to leaks.

Here are the signs to look for:

Missing or damages shingles

Strong winds can blow away shingles or curl their edges and make them lose. Some roofing materials are stronger than others, but there is no guarantee that they will resist if an area is hit by a hurricane or a tornado.

Fallen tree branches and other debris

Strong winds can break tree limbs and blow away other debris and lose objects that may land on the roof before falling to the ground. If you notice debris around the house immediately after a storm, there is the possibility to have roof damage.

Loose or missing flashing, gutters and downspouts

Shingles are not the only roofing materials that may be damaged by winds. The drainage system, as well as the flashing around chimneys may become loose and allow water infiltrations.

Understanding Roof Ridge-venting

A roof ridge vent works like a ventilator, but without requiring electricity for its operation. The vents are installed in the topmost part of the roof, right under the peak of sloping roofs and they are used for ensuring that the air in the attic is never too cold or too hot and that it is always dry.

While condensation is dangerous in any attic because the water droplets can settle on wooden components that are sensitive to the exposure to water and respond developing rot, mold and mildew, high temperatures in the attic are especially dangerous when the roof is covered in snow because the warm attic also warms the roof, melting the snow on top and causing ice dams to appear. Call roof repair Manhattan KS service pros if you think you are developing condensation and ice dams.

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Ridge vents are low-profile objects that are installed from end to end on the topmost roof section. Their principle role is to eliminate the moist, warm air rising from inside the building when the temperatures drop, thus preventing the accumulation of moisture and heat in the attic space as well as the appearance of condensation.

On many buildings, ridge vents are also paired with air intake vents installed underneath the roof to make air movement even more efficient.

Can Fallen Branches Damage Your Roof?

Trees in the proximity of a roof are normally not dangerous for its integrity, if they are healthy and properly trimmed.

However, storms may be unpredictable and their severity can be a factor that determine roof damage. The intensity of the wind, as well as hailstones can break tree branches and make them land on the roof. These situations are rare, but when they happen the damaged produced can be severe, ranging from broken shingles, gutters and downspouts, to various levels of damage to chimneys, vents or skylights. While metal roofs may sustain less damage, metal roofing Manhattan KS contractors will repair all different kinds of roofing materials.

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Obviously, all these incidents represent emergencies and must be dealt with immediately, to prevent the damage from extending to the interior of the building.

Considering these aspects,  owners have to ensure that the trees on their property are resistant and healthy species. The presence of trees brings lots of benefits, so in no ways they have to be cut simply for existing; the decision to cut a tree is only justified if it is a threat to the safety of people and buildings, meaning if it is very old and dried.  Healhy trees must only be trimmed to minimize the risk of potential damage if they fall or are moved by the wind.

What to Expect From a Roof Inspection

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Inspecting a roof regularly is an obligation for every residential and commercial business owner. This operation ensures the identification of problems before they get big and very expensive to repair, as well as insurance protection. The standard protocol is making two roof inspections every year, but unfortunately many people ignore it and remember about it only when they must (in the case of a severe weather phenomena and unexpected damage).

As a homeowner or building manager, it is important to have a good understanding of what a professional roof inspection means.

First, you must contact a roofer in your area and make an appointment. To be prepared for it, you should gather important documents that will be necessary during the inspection: information on the roof`s installation, maintenance and repair history, warranties etc.

Besides identifying potential problems, a reputable roof repair Manhattan KS inspector can also help you with options to enhance the protection or the life span of your roof. The costs related to roofing inspections is minor compared to the financial hit if the roof gets heavily damaged, so there is no good reason to postpone it indefinitely.

You will receive an inspection report which will be useful for the future improvements and repairs.

A Quick Guide to Restoring Your Roof After a Storm

Junction City storms may cause significant damage to a roof, so if you are worried about this aspect, we prepared a few pieces of advice about how to restore your roof after a storm.

Storm roof damage is typically caused by wind and hail, and can be direct (the wind blows away shingles), or indirect (the wind breaks a tree branch that falls on the roof). Any problem with the roof can cause water damage problems.

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During the storm, there is nothing much to do, once it is over, you must inspect your roof and identify the potential damage.

As soon as it is safe to go outside, look for pieces of roofing material on the ground (not just shingles, but also flashing, metal trim etc.). Inspect the roof visually and identify problematic area that may allow water to enter your attic. Also make sure the gutters and downspouts are still in place and in good condition. Also, go to the attic look for moisture marks or water leaks.

Make photos or a video with all the damages; they will be useful when you make an Junction City roofing insurance claim.

Restoring your broken roof is not a DIY job, so you would better call your insurer and a roofing contractor. When you rebuild the roof, choose storm-resistant materials, especially if you live in an area where storms are a common occurrence.