How to Prepare Your Home Exterior for a Winter Storm

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Your home exterior will be your ultimate line of defense when winter storms hit, so you need to fortify it as much as you can to ensure your building envelope protects you, whatever winter weather comes along. Here are some tasks that you should perform before the first snow:

  • Check, clean and repair your roof and your gutters – the topmost section of your building needs all the attention possible to be able to perform well throughout the winter. Inspect it to detect any loose, damaged or missing components, clean it to make sure that it is free from any damage-causing debris and implement any repairs necessary for giving back your roof and your gutters their strength. Pay special attention to sensitive roof areas, such as the flashing around roof openings and in roof valleys; Contact reputable roof repair Manhattan KS contractors as soon as you notice an area requiring maintenance or repair. The last thing you want is more damages caused by roof leaks.
  • Prepare the area surrounding your building – trim the trees that have branches overhanging the roof to prevent any debris accumulation and damage caused by the impact of falling tree limbs;
  • Check the siding panels or the wall – any holes, cracks or other forms of damage need to be fixed;
  • Install shutters or storm windows – they are great for protecting your windows from freezing rain, snow, sleet and wind-blown objects.

Popular Roofing Materials


There are many roofing materials that you can use for your new roof – here are the most popular ones:

  • Asphalt shingles – preferred for their affordable pricing and variety in terms of style, asphalt shingles come in many different quality categories and styles, all of them easy to install and warranted for around 25-30 years;

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  • Metal roofs – made from steel or from other, durable alloys, metal roofing has lifespan of over 40-50 years and attractive, low-maintenance appearance. The material is very affordable and easy to maintain, too, what’s more, a new metal roof can be installed on top of the existing roof, without requiring the removal of the old roof; Expert metal roofing Manhattan KS contractors can offer you additional information regarding the benefits of metal roofing.
  • Built-up roof – in their simplest form, BUR roofs consist of alternated layers of tar paper and gravel, but there are many other material combinations available as well. BUR roofs are mostly used on flat roofs;
  • Clay and cement tiles – these traditional roofing materials can stay on the building for up to a century, providing great, energy-efficient and durable protection from the elements. Tiles are a bit more expensive than the other materials on our list and they are heavier, too, so the building on which the tiles will be installed need to be able to hold up the extra weight of the material.

What Really Causes Ice Dams and What Can You Do About Them

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Ice dams are one of the major causes for roofing problems during the winter. Forming as a result of condensation and melting snow from your roof turning into ice, ice dams will usually combine with heavy snowfall to add a lot of pressure on your roof and lead to structural damage that can not easily be fixed.

In many cases, by the time the spring comes, the ice dams that have formed on top of your roof will cause a lot of problems, and might even require you to replace your roof or some of the structures that were affected by the extra weight added by the heavy snow – such as older doors and windows.

The best way to handle ice dams is before they even happen. You have to make sure your roof is in good condition and that there are no issues with roof ventilation or condensation. Also, make sure your gutter system is working. That will be the key to having water removed from your roof as soon as it becomes liquid during the day, so you won’t need to worry about it sticking around enough for the ice dams to actually form.

To get more information on how to tackle ice dams before and after they’ve formed, consider talking to an experienced roofing specialist – at – in your area, and presenting them with the concerns you have.

How Easy Is It to Deal with Icicles on Your Roof?

Ice forming on a metal roof is usually a sign that the ventilation system is not working properly or that the attic isn’t properly insulated. In many cases, it’s both, and the added condensation occurring as a result of the temperature difference between your attic and your roof causes the roof to “sweat” more and develop ice once the water freezes.

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Icicles will usually form when the water actually freezes midair while gravity tries to pull it off your roof. To deal with them in most cases, all you have to do is heat them up a little at their base, and they’ll fall right off. However, this doesn’t solve the heart of the issue, which is the problematic ventilation or insulation that has led to the problem in the first place.

While you might not be able to deal with it while the freeze is still on, it can be a good idea to call up metal roofing Manhattan KS roofers and talk to them about it. In many cases, they can help you determine exactly when the right time would be to continue working on your roof and when it’s safe to do so – not just because of the freeze, but also because slipping and hurting oneself is a high probability in the wintertime.

So, even though dealing with icicles can be simple on a short term basis, making sure they go away and never return can be a more complicated issue that you’ll have to resolve with the help of your reliable local roofers.


How Insulation Can Help Keep Your Home Healthy

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Energy is in constant move in your home – warmed air rises, moisture descents, evaporation and heat exchange take place all the time. One of the best ways to contain that energy and to ensure that the air in your home is healthy in terms of moisture levels and free from contaminants is to install proper insulation around the building – here are the benefits of proper insulation:

  • A drier environment – appropriate insulation ensures not only that your home’s thermal balance is maintained without requiring you to run your heating or cooling equipment all the time, but also that the air in your home is not excessively laden with moisture. Excess moisture is known to be the principle cause of respiratory illnesses, such as asthma and bronchitis as well as of rheumatic fever and allergies – fortunately, per Wamego roofing pros, good insulation can solve the problem;
  • The prevention of mold and mildew – prolonged dampness results in the appearance of fungal infestations in the form of mold and mildew, both of which can cause severe health issues, even life-threatening conditions. The insulation added to the walls as well as to the attic floor is an efficient way to prevent such issues, maintaining the air in the home fresh and healthy.

Signs You Might Have Roof Rust

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Roof rust is an issue that affects not only metal roofs – though the roofs made entirely from metal panels or metal shingles are, indeed, constructions that are more sensitive to rusting, other roof types also have metal components that can develop rust. Here are the most important signs to look out for:

  • Dark brown dots, spots and cracks on the paint – the first sign that indicates the presence of rust is the deterioration of the surface coating. Rust appears when the coating that protects the metal surface gets damaged and moisture comes into direct contact with the metal. In the early phases, rust appears only in small spots and dots that are still easy to remove and to repair;
  • Weakened material – more severe rust causes the affected metal component to become porous and weak. The process is accompanied by the appearance of larger areas of dark brown discolorations;
  • Holes and cracks – in its most severe form, rust can completely dissolve the metal, causing cracks, puncture-like damage or even large holes in the material. In this advanced stage of deterioration, the affected metal component can no longer be repaired, the only solution being replacement and the application of suitable rust protection on the new component. Experienced roof Manhattan contractors will be able to inspect your roof, and give you the best suggestions on how to repair or replace your rusted roof.

What Is the Most Important Cause for the Need for Roof Rot Repairs?

Roof rot is a common problem, and it can lead to a lot of issues with your home, if left unchecked. Aside from the bad smell and overall nasty atmosphere it causes – especially when guests come to visit – roof rot can also lead to structural damage, especially pertaining to wires that run through your roof and walls, which will later be very difficult to fix or replace.

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The best thing to do if you observe roof rot in your home for the first time is to check your roof and attic. Have there been any intense storms recently? Can you spot any leaks? A thorough investigation might lead you to observe that a recent leak has been gradually feeding your roof with rainwater and causing the roof rot to intensify.


Another possible cause has to do with improper ventilation and insulation in your attic. If you recently insulated your attic, make sure that the ventilation is still good. Call in an Wamego roofing expert, if you aren’t certain. Improper ventilation can lead to condensation and roof rot in no time, especially if you’re using a heating system that can heat up your home in a shorter period of time than most HVAC systems.

What Tools Are Needed for Home Roof Repairs?

While complex roof repairs, such as work that involves the correction of sagging structural components, require special devices and skilled Superior Roofing Manhattan KS contractors, many simple roof repairs can be done with the tools normally found in a standard toolbox.

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Here are some of the tools you will need if you want to fix a small leak or replace flashing on your own:

  • A roofing hammer – also called a roofing hatchet, a roofing hammer is a small tool that has a gauge to make shingle adjustments easier. Some roofing hammers have magnetic heads, a very useful feature for one-handed work;
  • A caulk gun – you can apply the caulk necessary for installing roof covering components using a bucket and a spatula, but a caulking gun makes it all much easier;
  • Tin snips – most roofing work involves cutting through strong material. Tin snips are great tools that can cut through almost anything neatly and effortlessly;
  • Saws – you might need a couple of good saws to cut through plywood, OSB or other wooden materials;
  • A nail gun – most roof covering components and the decking underneath them are fastened with nails. You can choose to drive in the nails using a hammer, but a power nailer is a great, small, handheld tool designed to help you out with the task.

How to Tell if Your Roof has Heat Damage

As much as you love summer, you should know that sun can cause roof damage just like any extreme weather phenomena. UV radiation is likely to make roofing materials change not just their aspect but also their structure. For example, asphalt shingles (the most popular roofing materials in the US) will lose many of their qualities after they are repeatedly exposed to the sun and high temperatures. As such, in time, they tend to become inflexible and brittle, which will make them crack more easily and allow moisture to infiltrate in the structure of the roof.

When it comes to commercial roofs, even if they tend to be tougher than shingle roofs, the summer`s heat still takes its toll and may cause cracks and bumps in the covering membranes. These problems may be ignored for a long time, especially if the owner is not preoccupied by maintaining the roof regularly, and they will become a priority only when the roof will start to leak.

If you want to stand the best chance against the summer heat, you must have professional roof repair Manhattan KS contractors perform periodic maintenance, regardless the type of the roof we are talking about. Also, there are methods to protect a roof from excessive UV radiation, one of the most efficient being the installation of a reflective roof.

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How to Select the Right Type of Roof Paint for Your Roof

Choosing the right type of paint can help you save a lot of money down the line by avoiding expensive maintenance and repair costs. The first thing to remember, however, is that you have to avoid any type of paint that has lead as its main ingredient. Lead based paint is even banned in most areas, but the important thing is that it’s extremely unhealthy in the long run, and can lead to many potential health hazards for you and your family.

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Now that we know what not to do, let’s see some of the main types of paints you can choose for your roof and home. One of the first things to look for is titanium dioxide. This metallic compound is found in most energy efficient paints, and can enhance their ability to reflect sunlight and heat, thereby keeping your home cool in the summer. Check with experienced Superior Roofing Manhattan KS roofers for their recommendations.

Acrylic paint is also great for a number of reasons. Painting your roof with this type of paint with the use of a good sealant will ensure that the paint lasts longer, looks great, and doesn’t peel off that easily.

Now, remember that painting your roof won’t make it impervious to the elements. After completing the paint job, make sure you check on the paint on a regular basis, especially after hail and storms, so you can make sure that it lasts.