What Tools Are Needed for Home Roof Repairs?

While complex roof repairs, such as work that involves the correction of sagging structural components, require special devices and skilled Superior Roofing Manhattan KS contractors, many simple roof repairs can be done with the tools normally found in a standard toolbox.

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Here are some of the tools you will need if you want to fix a small leak or replace flashing on your own:

  • A roofing hammer – also called a roofing hatchet, a roofing hammer is a small tool that has a gauge to make shingle adjustments easier. Some roofing hammers have magnetic heads, a very useful feature for one-handed work;
  • A caulk gun – you can apply the caulk necessary for installing roof covering components using a bucket and a spatula, but a caulking gun makes it all much easier;
  • Tin snips – most roofing work involves cutting through strong material. Tin snips are great tools that can cut through almost anything neatly and effortlessly;
  • Saws – you might need a couple of good saws to cut through plywood, OSB or other wooden materials;
  • A nail gun – most roof covering components and the decking underneath them are fastened with nails. You can choose to drive in the nails using a hammer, but a power nailer is a great, small, handheld tool designed to help you out with the task.

How to Tell if Your Roof has Heat Damage

As much as you love summer, you should know that sun can cause roof damage just like any extreme weather phenomena. UV radiation is likely to make roofing materials change not just their aspect but also their structure. For example, asphalt shingles (the most popular roofing materials in the US) will lose many of their qualities after they are repeatedly exposed to the sun and high temperatures. As such, in time, they tend to become inflexible and brittle, which will make them crack more easily and allow moisture to infiltrate in the structure of the roof.

When it comes to commercial roofs, even if they tend to be tougher than shingle roofs, the summer`s heat still takes its toll and may cause cracks and bumps in the covering membranes. These problems may be ignored for a long time, especially if the owner is not preoccupied by maintaining the roof regularly, and they will become a priority only when the roof will start to leak.

If you want to stand the best chance against the summer heat, you must have professional roof repair Manhattan KS contractors perform periodic maintenance, regardless the type of the roof we are talking about. Also, there are methods to protect a roof from excessive UV radiation, one of the most efficient being the installation of a reflective roof.

use roof repair Manhattan KS contractors to repair heat damaged shingles

How to Select the Right Type of Roof Paint for Your Roof

Choosing the right type of paint can help you save a lot of money down the line by avoiding expensive maintenance and repair costs. The first thing to remember, however, is that you have to avoid any type of paint that has lead as its main ingredient. Lead based paint is even banned in most areas, but the important thing is that it’s extremely unhealthy in the long run, and can lead to many potential health hazards for you and your family.

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Now that we know what not to do, let’s see some of the main types of paints you can choose for your roof and home. One of the first things to look for is titanium dioxide. This metallic compound is found in most energy efficient paints, and can enhance their ability to reflect sunlight and heat, thereby keeping your home cool in the summer. Check with experienced Superior Roofing Manhattan KS roofers for their recommendations.

Acrylic paint is also great for a number of reasons. Painting your roof with this type of paint with the use of a good sealant will ensure that the paint lasts longer, looks great, and doesn’t peel off that easily.

Now, remember that painting your roof won’t make it impervious to the elements. After completing the paint job, make sure you check on the paint on a regular basis, especially after hail and storms, so you can make sure that it lasts.

The Most Practical and Effective Ways to Keep Your Roof from Overheating

Wamego roofing can keep your home from overheating!

Keeping your roof from overheating is not that complicated a deal. If you live in an area where the summers are very warm, however, it will definitely become a necessity. So check out the following tips on what you can do to keep your roof from overheating and make sure your home stays cool all year round:

  • Installing a cool roof or a green roof in place of your old roof will usually do the trick. Cool Wamego roofing is designed to reflect sunlight and UV radiation instead of allowing it to pass through to heat your home. A green roof will throw added shade on your home while using the rays of the sun to produce life-giving oxygen through photosynthesis.
  • Maybe you can’t afford to replace your roof just now. Another method to keep your roof from overheating in that case is to use reflective paint. Painting your roof with that type of paint will allow it to behave somewhat like a cool roof, reflecting much of the radiation away and helping you avoid having to overuse your AC.
  • Finally, if you own a flat roof or a solar panel roof, you can use roof coating to maximize your roof’s efficiency in keeping heat away. Most types of coating will also protect your roof from the elements more effectively and increase its lifespan in the process.

What Roof Maintenance is Necessary?

Roof maintenance typically consists in different operation performed to keep the roof functional and in good shape, for as long as possible. Regular maintenance can increase the life span of a roof, while lack of maintenance reduces it, and also impacts owners’ right to make an insurance claim and receive compensation, if the roof gets damaged.

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Roof maintenance is the responsibility of building owners and it is in their best interest to consider it a priority, because  identifying minor problems and soft spots before they aggravate is much more convenient than dealing with extensive damage. Besides, if you ignore your roof for a long time , you will likely have to pay for more expensive repairs and even for an early replacement, if the damage becomes too extensive and out-of-repair. Scheduling annual inspections with Superior Roofing Manhattan KS contractors, will ensure that your roof stays in good shape year round.

Maintenance is not the same for all roofing materials, because each of them has different requirements. For example, wood shingles and shakes must be maintained significantly more often than metal shingles because of their natural vulnerabilities.

However, in all of the cases, maintenance typically includes the following operations: inspecting the roof, cleaning the roof and the drainage system, treating it with solutions that improve their resistance in different conditions and fixing minor problems identified during the inspection.


Metal Roof Maintenance for Winter

The roof is exposed to many aggressive external factors such as UV rays, rain, snow, winds, but also pollutants in the air, such as chlorine and nitrogen compounds, sulfur, which turn into acid rain and together with dust and mineral salts, cause degradation of the roof coat.

Metal shingles are not a easily damaged material, but they are still subject to weather, wear and tear..

Removing snow from the roof is a common operation during the cold season.  Normally, the snow will not accumulate on a metal roof, nor exceed its load resistance. However, if there is some extreme snow fall and you must have Wamego roofing maintenance crew clean your metal roof after all, we recommend that you do this operation with great, to protect the material. Scratches on the surface of the shingles, especially if they are deep enough to reach the Zn layer, can be a problem.

Wamego roofing winter maintenance

Cleaning the drainage system is another maintenance operation that must be carried out in winter to prevent blockages due to ice and snow accumulation in the gutters and downspouts.

If the winter is mild, dry and sunny, you can take advantage of it and add a new layer of paint to your metal roof, to protect them and enhance the roof`s aspect.


Is Clearing Snow Off Your Roof Necessary?

roof snow removal

For many people, especially those who live in areas like Manhattan KS with lots of winter precipitations, shoveling the snow from their roof is a ritual they perform every time it is needed. But is it really necessary to remove the snow from a roof, or should you allow it to follow its natural course?

Leaving the snow on the roof until it eventually melts down is not without advantages. Up to a point, the snow acts as an extra insulating layer – but only if you roof is in very good shape, otherwise it will do much worse than good.

However, the amount of snow on your roof is an aspect that matters very much. Too much snow puts pressure on the roof. Anything that exceeds 40lbs/sq ft should be considered dangerous, and may result in necessary roof repair by Manhattan KS contractors. Keep in mind although that this number may be different, depending on the snow density and the materials of the roof.

Other things to consider before deciding to remove the snow from your roof include:

  • The pitch of the roof – On a pitched roof, snow doesn`t stay as long as on a flat roof
  • Temperature fluctuations – They may cause the apparition of ice dams that prevent the snow from slipping down the roof.

Staying Safe While Climbing on Your Roof

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Climbing on the roof is not for everyone – if you don’t do it right, observing some important safety rules, it is a dangerous activity that you should better refrain from. Superior Roofing professionals suggest these safety measures that you should pay attention to:

  • Dress for the occasion – non-slip work shoes, work gloves and a helmet are mandatory whenever you climb on your roof;
  • Make sure you know where you climb – stepping on a roof that is damaged or weakened is a recipe for disaster, so only step on roof areas that are surely safe;
  • Use safety harnesses – the best equipment for the prevention of falls is a set of harnesses that is anchored properly to the roof. Make sure the harnesses as well as the anchors are suitable for your size and weight;
  • Use a sturdy extension ladder – using a ladder that is too short for your roof is dangerous, so the best way to ensure your safety is by using an extension ladder. Make sure that it stands on level ground, not too close to the wall, fasten the ladder to the roof properly and while you are climbing, make sure that one of feet is on the ladder and you grab the sides with both hands.

What to Do When Your DIY Roof Repair Fails

roof repair tools
DIY roof repairs might seem like a great solution, but in most cases, they only cause the initial problem to get worse. Whether you have tried to fix a leak, a sagging roof section, a damaged flashing stripe or a broken gutter, if the problem comes back soon after the amateur repair attempt, the best thing to do is to call an expert roofer. Here are some of the problems that can be caused by an amateur repair and what your Superior Roofing roofer will do to remedy it:
– A leak caused by damaged or displaced shingles – one of the most common mistakes that amateur roofers make is the improper fastening of the new shingle or tile. Components that are not fixed properly will let water seep through, even if the components are new and intact, so what your roofer will do to remedy the problem will be to fix the element using the right method;
– Flashing damage – some types of flashing damage can be repaired with caulk, but others need the replacement of the stripe. If you choose the wrong approach, the flashing will continue to let water through, so your Superior Roofing Manhattan KS roofer will inspect the flashing and re-caulk or replace it, whichever methods works best.