Can Fallen Branches Damage Your Roof?

Trees in the proximity of a roof are normally not dangerous for its integrity, if they are healthy and properly trimmed.

However, storms may be unpredictable and their severity can be a factor that determine roof damage. The intensity of the wind, as well as hailstones can break tree branches and make them land on the roof. These situations are rare, but when they happen the damaged produced can be severe, ranging from broken shingles, gutters and downspouts, to various levels of damage to chimneys, vents or skylights. While metal roofs may sustain less damage, metal roofing Manhattan KS contractors will repair all different kinds of roofing materials.

metal roofing storm repair

Obviously, all these incidents represent emergencies and must be dealt with immediately, to prevent the damage from extending to the interior of the building.

Considering these aspects,  owners have to ensure that the trees on their property are resistant and healthy species. The presence of trees brings lots of benefits, so in no ways they have to be cut simply for existing; the decision to cut a tree is only justified if it is a threat to the safety of people and buildings, meaning if it is very old and dried.  Healhy trees must only be trimmed to minimize the risk of potential damage if they fall or are moved by the wind.

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